Looking For A Speaker For Your Next Event?

Brian Lubinski is a Minnesota native, husband, father, and grandfather and is passionate about helping people through transition. He is a certified airplane pilot and flies for the United States Fish & Wildlife Service as a wildlife biologist-pilot, flying natural resource missions across North America and Canada. As a married couple, Brian and his wife, Mary, are committed to strengthening and encouraging Christians through marriage mentoring and coaching, life-on-life ministry, as well as teaching biblical principles from the podium and the outdoor classroom. Brian became a certified career coach with Crown Financial ministries in 1999, is an elder and teacher at his church and has been actively mentoring adults for nearly two decades. Most recently, Brian completed certification as a professional coach, speaker and trainer through the John Maxwell Team.

Brian is available to speak to youth and adults on a variety of topics, including:

  • Leadership Lessons – Encountering the time tested principles of leading yourself and others.
  • Experiencing Scripture In God’s Creation – Discovering the life changing power of Visible Verses of the Bible.
  • Table Talk - Exploring the faith-strengthening differences between scientific fact and theory.
  • The Heart Of The Matter Is The Matter Of The Heart - Journeying to the source of a life well lived.
  • The China Shop Principle - Learning to identify when communication matters most.


Interested in having Brian speak at your event?

Send an email or call 952-221-8066 to ask questions and get connected.

Brian Lubinski